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kenchix1 01-24-2012 05:44 AM

Migrating PDC Linux to another server : Net join concern
We have an existing RH9 PDC server and we plan to upgrade the server.

Except for the servers, all the workstation we used for testing are just test computers and not the actual user's computer.

We setup the new server (DHCP/DNS/SAMBA) with the same config and copy all the users from the old server to the new server.

we got some of the ideas here -> (

After the transfer users can now login, however the workstation ask for password when accessing another workstation's shared folder.

To resolve this problem, what we did was to run the Network Wizard on the WinXP machine to join the domain. (Control Panel/System then change button) then everything is ok.

My concern is that if we have a hundred computers, do we need to go to each workstation and run the network wizard to re-join the domain or is there any application or script that we can run to re-join the domain ? Or did we just missed something ?

Thanks in advance.

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