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Migrating from IMAP from UW to Cyrus

Are there any tools to covert the uw mailbox format to Cyrus? I have uw installed and because it puts all messages in one file, gets veryslow when there're too many messages in the mailbox. For users with a thousand mails in their mailbox, it takes up to 10 seconds sometimes (using squirrelmail). So I guess changing IMAP server to cyrus (one file for each message) could speed up things - or wont it?
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Does cyrus use maildir?
If so you can take a look at this:

It might be of help...
#! /bin/sh

for u in `cat $1`; do echo -e "********\nProcessing mail for $u...\n*********\n"
; su - $u ; done
#! /bin/sh

mb2md /var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME $HOME/.maildir
echo "mb2md /var/spool/mail/$LOGNAME $HOME/.maildir returns $?"

( cd ${HOME}/mail && for x in *; do [ -f "${x}" ] && ( mb2md "${x}" ${HOME}/.maildir/."${x}" ; echo "mb2md ${x} ${HOME}/.maildir/.${x} returns $?" ) ; done )

# Convert an mbox mail file to a maildir.
# Requires formail (from procmail) or reformail (from maildrop)
# and my addtomaildir script.
# Idea stolen from
# by Greg Ward, 2002/01/22
# Usage:
#   mb2md mbox maildir
# where mbox must exist, and maildir must not exist.

if [ "$#" -ne 2 ] ; then
  echo "usage: $0 mbox maildir" >&2
  exit 1


if [ -e "$maildir" ] ; then
  echo "error: $maildir already exists" >&2
  exit 1

if [ ! -e "$mbox" ] ; then
  echo "error: $mbox does not exist" >&2
  exit 1

for p in formail reformail ; do
  pp=`which $p`
  if [ -n "$pp" -a -x $pp ] ; then
if [ -z "$helper" ]; then
  echo "error: either formail or reformail is required" >&2
  exit 1

for d in cur new tmp ; do
    mkdir -p "$maildir"/$d
$helper +1 -s addtomaildir "$maildir" < "$mbox"
#!/usr/bin/env python


Reads an RFC 822 message (possibly with leading "From " line) on stdin
and adds it to a Maildir.  The exact details of where it lands and what
it's called in the Maildir depend on various header values in the input

  * if no "Status" header, the message goes in "new", otherwise in "cur"

  * if "Status" is "O" (old), the filename has no info field

  * if "Status" is "RO" (read old), the filename has ":2,S" appended
    as its info field

  * the mtime of the file will be the delivery time of the message,
    if we can figure out the delivery time.  Tries the "Delivery-date"
    header first, then the "From " line; if neither exists or can
    be parsed, leaves the mtime alone.

import sys, os, re
import socket, errno
from time import time, mktime, strptime, ctime, sleep
from rfc822 import Message, parsedate_tz, mktime_tz

class Error (Exception):

def warn (msg):
    sys.stderr.write("warning: %s\n" % msg)

def maildir_open (maildir):
    # Assumes we're already chdir'd into maildir

    hostname = socket.gethostname()
    pid = os.getpid()
    num_tries = 0
    max_tries = 5
    while 1:
        name = "tmp/%.6f%05d.%s" % (time(), pid, hostname)
        ok = 0                          # assume the worst
        num_tries += 1
        except OSError, err:
            # Good: file called 'name' doesn't already exist.
            if err.errno == errno.ENOENT:
                ok = 1

        if ok:
            if num_tries > max_tries:
                raise Error("error: could not create temporary file in %s/tmp"
                            % maildir)
            sleep(2)               # and try again

    fd =, os.O_WRONLY|os.O_EXCL|os.O_CREAT, 0600)
    return (name, fd)

def grok_status (msg):
    # Figure out if this is a new message, an "old" message
    # (seen by MUA, but not read by user), or a read message.
    status = msg.get("Status")
    if status == "O":                   # seen by MUA, but not read by user
        dir = "cur"
        info = ""
    elif status == "RO":                # read by user
        dir = "cur"
        info = ":2,S"
    else:                               # not there, empty, or unknown value
        dir = "new"
        info = ""

    return (dir, info)

def get_delivery_time (msg):
    # Figure out the delivery time.
    dtime = None
    if msg.has_key("Delivery-date"):
        # eg. "Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:47:20 -0400" to 994942040 (seconds
        # since epoch in UTC)
        dtime = mktime_tz(parsedate_tz(msg["Delivery-date"]))
    elif msg.unixfrom:
        # Parse eg.
        #   "From Thu Jul 12 08:47:20 2001"
        # -- this is the "From " line format used by Exim; hopefully other
        # MTAs do the same!
        m = re.match(r'^From (\S+) +(\w{3} \w{3}\s+\d\d? \d\d:\d\d:\d\d \d{4})$',
        if not m:
            warn("warning: could not parse \"From \" line: %s" % msg.unixfrom)
            (return_path, dtime_str) = m.groups()
            # Eg. "Thu Jul 12 08:47:20 2001" -> 994945640 -- note that
            # this might be different from what we get parsing the same
            # date string above, because this one doesn't include the
            # timezone.  Sigh.
            dtime = mktime(strptime(dtime_str, "%c"))

            # Attempt to detect and correct for DST differences.
            # (This works if we parsed a summer time during the winter;
            # what about the inverse?)
            dtime_str_curtz = ctime(dtime)
            if dtime_str_curtz != dtime_str:
                dtime_curtz = mktime(strptime(dtime_str_curtz, "%c"))
                diff = dtime_curtz - dtime
                dtime -= diff

    return dtime

def write_message (msg, msg_file, out_fd):
    # Write the headers to the temp file.
    headers = str(msg) + "\n"
    n = os.write(out_fd, headers)
    if n != len(headers):
        raise Error("failed to write headers (%d/%d bytes written)"
                    % (n, len(headers)))

    # Copy the body from msg_file to the temp file.
    chunk = 16*1024
    while 1:
        data =
        if not data:
        n = os.write(out_fd, data)
        if n != len(data):
            raise Error("failed to write chunk of body (%d/%d bytes written)"
                        % (n, len(data)))

    # Sync and close the temp file.
    except OSError, err:
        raise Error("unable to fsync() or close() temp file: %s" % err)

def finish_message (tmp_name, dir, info, dtime):

    # Link the temp file to its ultimate destination (in either "new" or
    # "cur", with info appended to the name), and remove the temp name.
    base_name = os.path.basename(tmp_name)
    dst_name = os.path.join(dir, base_name + info), dst_name)

    # Set the modification time to the delivery time, if known.
    if dtime is not None:
        atime = os.stat(dst_name).st_atime
        os.utime(dst_name, (atime, dtime))

    return dst_name

def add (msg_file, maildir):
    # First reserve a place in the maildir (ie. open the file in tmp).
    start_dir = os.getcwd()
    (tmp_name, out_fd) = maildir_open(maildir)

        msg = Message(msg_file)
        (dir, info) = grok_status(msg)
        dtime = get_delivery_time(msg)
        write_message(msg, msg_file, out_fd)
        dst_name = finish_message(tmp_name, dir, info, dtime)

    print dst_name

# add ()

def main ():
    prog = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])
    args = sys.argv[1:]
    if len(args) == 1:
        maildir = args[0]
        msg_file = sys.stdin
    elif len(args) == 2:
        (msg_filename, maildir) = args
        msg_file = open(msg_filename)
        sys.exit("usage: %s maildir\n"
                 "       %s msg_file maildir\n"
                 "error: incorrect number of arguments\n")

    if not (os.path.isdir(maildir) and
            os.path.isdir(os.path.join(maildir, "tmp")) and
            os.path.isdir(os.path.join(maildir, "cur")) and
            os.path.isdir(os.path.join(maildir, "new"))):
        sys.exit("error: not a maildir: %s" % maildir)

        add(msg_file, maildir)
    except Error, err:

Maybe there is something u can make use of... I think i found the last two scripts on qmail's site... google is your friend!

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