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dh1867 01-10-2002 02:11 PM

Migrate from NetWare to Linux...?
First, I'd like to thank everyone involved in Linux, from those who code to those who answer any question on any forum. It's good to see something with a heart.

SO...I'm a newbie to Linux, and new to networking, so please pardon if my questions show my ignorance. The good thing, is I seem to have a knack for computer stuff, so there may be hope. :) I'm in charge all things computer for a small non-profit, which is in need of a new server. We currently have NetWare 5. I'm researching upgrading to Linux (probably Red Hat 7.2) or Netware 6. (I would like to see Linux here).

Currently, we use GroupWise for email. We use GW's address books for mass-emailing to our member schools. Does Linux have a program which offers address book capablities?

Also, what would I use for people to connect from their house to get their email? And to access the file server, so they can work from home if they chose?



xanthium 01-10-2002 10:31 PM

Netware and U
Hi ,

Well everybody was a newbie one day ...... linux community shall gladly help u out.

What do u mean by address book capability ? u want LDAP ?

Check out the following s/w on :

1. squirrelmail ( for web based email )
2. sendmail ( SMTP mail server ).
3. SAMBA ( file sharing and so on ..... just like NT ).

Hope this is what ur looking out for.

Regards ,

dh1867 01-11-2002 04:33 PM

Alot to learn
Thanks, I will check all those out! :)

What I'm worried about is, since GroupWise handles the mail and address books now, if we switch to Linux, what program would we use for the users to see their email and address books? And would this software be able to import the GW address books.


xanthium 01-12-2002 12:31 AM

importing address book
Hi ,

just like i told u .... u should use LDAP for the address book and contacts ..... everyone shall be able to use it.

also there will be a feature in ur email client to export the individual address books which u can later import on supporting email clients .

I hope i got ur point correctly!

regards ,

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