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shyamsg 05-01-2004 03:26 PM

X server setting for display tunneling... from subnet
Hi .. this is really urgent.. i dont know if i am posting it in the right forum.. but here goes.. i am running matlab on a linux box.. .which is a part of some subnet.. the subnet is accessible through another linux box... which is the only computer on the network to be exposed to outside world.. this linux box is called bic and the one which is the matlab server is called amazon. ... :)

i access the bic machine from home using putty ssh.... and from bic ssh into amazon.. .i want to run matlab and view the x display on my pc.... in another lab... how do i do it... the DISPLAY environment variable on the bic machine is set to my machine port 0... wwhat should be the DISPLAY variable set to on amazon so that x display packets tunnel to my machine from amazon via bic...

this is realy urgent .. need it asap...



svbathe 05-01-2004 04:01 PM

If you are using windows, you need to install something like cygwin with X11 support to use X.
If you run a X-enabled Linux box, you can try
ssh -X bic, and from bic ssh -X to amazon provided agent forwarding is enabled on all m/cs. No need to set any display vars. once you log on to amazon type in the command used to invoke matlab on the command line and you should see the display on your m/c.

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