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Projectpat21 10-17-2005 12:21 AM

Mandriva 2005 LE and Comcast Cable connection
Im tryin to figure out how to setup my connection so i can access the internet through browsers or other means. I'm using a cable modem, and i was wondering what do i have to do to set it up. I used the Mandrake Control Center and went through the wizard and set my connection to 'cable' and it still doesn't seem to work. it showed my dns servers and to be correct because i checked them through windows and they match. Also the ip address that the dhcp gave me matched too. but the thing that bogles me is that it will sometimes connect for a brief time at a slow connect (about 100KbPS), but however about a second after i got to a website it disconnects again and won't connect again. i use comcast cable it that is relevant to anything. If any one knows anything about this it would be a big help.

RanDrake10 10-17-2005 02:36 PM

In a terminal type "ping -c3", this will show if you are getting on the internet. Next check you firewall settings, disable it if it works you need to tweak your firewall settings, check DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, etc... ports are open. I have also seen some comcast connections that need to be reset, unplug power from modem for about 5 seconds then plug back in and try it.

andrewcottrell 11-20-2005 02:32 PM

Similar with a twist: I can't reach the internet until I've had a dialup open
I'm having a very similar problem. In addition I cannot reach the internet until I have had a dialup connection open. Once in a while Comcast stops working until I connect to a dialup ISP as well.
The Comcast connection that is available to me passes through a second router which shares the service between my box, the original subscriber, and a VoIP phone. The original subscriber runs XP.

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