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antken 09-01-2003 05:19 PM

making openvpn secure with openssl ( ? )

i would like to setup a secure vpn up between two Linux boxes, i have tried to follow the howto at but but i am having trouble following it ( i.e. things not working, and having to go off at a tangent to get it going etc )

i would like to set it up so i can basically connect as and when i need it, by running it in daemon mode i think this is the way to achieve this ( ? )

my only query outstanding is how do i make it as secure as possible?
most sites seem to recommend using openssl and generating a CA and signing csr's and what have you, is/are there out there any examples of how to get this running step by step and covering every thing that is needed to achieve that step?

or have any of you any advise on how to get it secure?

and as a side question ( not important but i would like to know ) how can i set up a vpn connection where i can just connect windows 2000 to it and it will connect?

i welcome any suggestions


fzzy 03-31-2004 09:14 AM

try here:

for more security, lookf for the Build RSA Certificates and Keys section here: , but perhaps start with static keys just to test the tunnel.

for installing on windows:

note: be aware of your network environment. for example, i don't think openvpn will work if both ends are behind firewalls (without port forwarding anyway)

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