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RKris 04-20-2003 04:13 AM

Mail Server Authentication via LDAP

I have setup a MailServer on RedHat 8.0 with Horde/IMP, sendmail, MailScanner and SpamAssassin. I am looking for a database to store and authenticate user accounts.
Well, the nearest one I can think of is using LDAP.

a. Do I have to configure sendmail/IMAP to use LDAP?
b. Where will the user's mailboxes be?
c. Can I use procmail to filter mails per user, currently I have a procmailrc file in the users' home directory?
d. Also is it possible to make a signup page for LDAP?

Can anyone clear my views on LDAP?


phillipd 05-01-2003 11:57 AM

Mail server and ldap authentication
I found a nice product called Bynari Insight server. It is a mail server and has a OpenLDAP server to authenticate users against. Nice and inexpensive too...


zapperabhi 02-08-2004 06:48 AM

hi Rkris
please do tell me if you find the solution ... i want to stick to using sendmail and have a similar configuration.

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