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drjimstuckinwin 06-29-2001 07:03 AM

Mail question
I have now fixed my network/machines, and am back on track for the original concept of surfing around the house (sounds great!). At present I have a win98 laptop, which I use for my email (outlook express), and the redhat "server" which basically just does samba and routing. I previously used 2 win98 systems, and read mail on both, but ended up with 2 collections of mail, which I struggled to synchronise.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can use my RH machine to collect mail, and read it on both machines?
I've been reading FAQ's on send/fetchmail, but am unsure if that's what I need, and the compatibility with OE mail seems to be a problem. Maybe Star Office is somehow the answer.
All thoughts appreciated.

LionKing 06-29-2001 03:49 PM

If I understand your question well, you wish to access the same email box on the Linux sever from two or more Win98 machines. If so, I see there are several ways you can do this:

If you configure your mail client as IMAP (instead of POP3), you can access the emails on server Redhat from any Win98 machine. I am not sure OE supports IMAP or not, but many email client including Outlook2000 support IMAP.

You can install some program and Apache to enable web-based email - like jwebmail, nwebmail, etc.. So you can just use browser from any of your Win98 box to access or send on the Linux server. All emails will remain on the Linux server. Nothing gets downloaded to local machine. Yes, you'll need Apache running on Linux and login authentication is quite secure.

You can create another account, say Acct2, and have Acct1 always forward a copy of emails to Acct2, so both of your Win98 machine gets a same copy of incoming email, but make sure always use Acct1 as reply address to ensure both machine get a same copy of incoming emails, because Acct1 don't get a copy of emails sent to Acct2. The disadvantage of this is that you don't see same the sent items on both Win98 machine.

You can use a network shared directory to store email client OE or Outlook *.pst files and have the two Win98 machine points to the same mailbox or directory. But in this case, only one machine can access email at a given time, otherwise 2nd machine will get sharing vialation or file lock problem.

Out of the 4, which one you like most? I think there are some more ways to do it. ;)

drjimstuckinwin 06-29-2001 06:10 PM

Good thoughts there, though I think I wasn't fully clear: I've got 1 windozer and 1 RedHat. At present the dozer connects via LAN and RH to web for mail. What I want to be able to do is just check mail without having to boot both machines (ie wait for windoze to start!), but usually access mail from my laptop whilst watching TV/in bed etc. Your option 4 sounds easiest, and as I wondered, Star Office should be the answer, assuming that the win and Lin versions use the same email storage format. Will experiment when I get back from work in the morning and report back.

LionKing 06-29-2001 06:31 PM

Well, you'll figure out what is work best for you.

Just to share what I do in my home: I have a linux server running sendmail (as a matter of fact, a three tower machines running RH 7.1 as server). And I setup a wireless access point with Cisco Aironet, and I mostly access emails from a notebook anywhere around the house, a telnet or SSH2 term will do, I can so use webmail, using a browser point to my linux machine. And anytime too lazy to wait for notebook to boot, I can still go to the Linux box and check/reply emails using elm or pine, mutt. etc.

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