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hardwired2001 11-24-2004 10:47 AM

LPD / CUPS Q's Stopping
Are any of you fine people a wear of a network printing problem in relation to cups / lpd? I have a Linux box (many different boxes all with different versions of Linux). I am printing to both parallel and serial printerís (TMU-950ís and other small printers like that.) I am printing over the network to a Dlink DP-300+ print server. When I send down a lot of jobs (1 Ė 200) the qís stop working and I have to kill the job or kill the service all together to get it working again. I am almost 100pc sure that it is a network issue as it is (apart from the print server, but I am ordering a new one from a different maker with more memory for testing) they only constant in the equation. I have seen a lot of other people with the same problim but no fix as yet. Thanks

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