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aznewbie 10-24-2002 04:16 PM

losing network connection to linux server
Let me start off by saying, I am nearly clueless when it comes to the Linux OS. But I am trying desperately to figure it all out.

Here is my problem...A few months ago I set up a Linux Server running Red Hat 7.1 as an alternative to a Win NT environment, and until yesterday, it clicked along without a hitch.
Now, I can connect from my Win98 workstations, but within an hour or two (there is no pattern to the time frame) my Win workstations lose their linux Network Connection. Rebooting the workstations does no good, but rebooting the Linux server fixes it temporarily.
I appologize if this sounds too vague, but in plain English, this is exacty what's happening.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

closer 10-24-2002 06:46 PM

I dont know how much this will help. I had a similer problem a month ago. Using a sniffer would bring up my ethernet connection, allowing me to ping and whatnot. Looking through my system logs (/var/log/messages) I found that it had something to do with my ethernet card going into promiscuous mode. I dont know if thats the same problem you have but you can check your system log for the following:

Sep 25 09:34:42 closer kernel: device eth0 entered promiscuous mode
Sep 25 11:04:20 closer kernel: device eth0 left promiscuous mode

I would bet if you have something like that in there about the time your network dies, its to blame. Heres the bad part though, I can not remember for the life of me, how I fixed it. hopefully this may help shed a little light on your problem for someone else.


PS - please relpy back so everyone knows if this is the same problem you are having or not.

RijilV 10-25-2002 03:48 AM

your network card might be going into sleep mode. We had this problem at work when they got the cheapest cards they could find for the firewall/gateway machine. Go figure. what I did to fix it was:

ping -i 60 <ip address of something on the interface you think is the internal one>

I monkeyed around in the BIOS for a bit, turning off power management and the ilks, but to no avail. I'm not driver writer, so other than that quick fix, I can't offer much more.

or the NIC is just going bad and needs to be replaced...I suggest a 3com 905c ....

aznewbie 10-25-2002 11:01 AM

I checked the Message logs and there is nothing suspicious there that lets me see that the card has gone into a sleep mode, but I'm going to try and change the card out for a new one (yes, it is the cheapest on the market).
If this fixes it, I'll post back later.
Thank you.

hugosoto 10-25-2002 07:54 PM

did check your physical layer first ( hub, swich) also check cables,
when you are conected to the linux server , from the windows box do this:
open msdos console, tipe this ping herethename of the linuxserver
example ping linuxserver
if you have an active connecion you will see this

reply from 192.x.x.x (ip of the linux server) bytes=32 time<10ms ttl=64

and do the same when you think that yu loose connection if you get this
mesages unknow host XXXX

the problem may realy on the networking hardware

hope helps


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