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ghughes5669 11-28-2012 12:08 PM

Logwatch shows "named shutdown: X Time(s) - no reason
Good morning, all!

I have a name server (old version of BIND - I'm building new one) that has started throwing an error in logwatch. The named portion of the logwatch email starts with "Named shutdown: 7 Time(s)" with no other reference. The rest of the log shows no other problems directly related to a shutdown, only occasional RCODE or lame server errors.

This is a virtual server; I've looked at the utilization logs and don't find any issues there. The shutdowns don't seem to be regular; in fact, I don't even notice anything.

I'd be grateful for any other places to look that anyone would have.

Thanks in advance!


unSpawn 11-28-2012 12:51 PM

As you can see Logwatch only makes a distinction between shutdowns and failed shutdowns:

]$ grep -ni shut /usr/share/logwatch/scripts/services/named
266:      ($ThisLine =~ /shutting down/) or
267:      ($ThisLine =~ /named shutting down/ ) or
268:      ($ThisLine =~ /named shutdown succeeded/ )

270:      $ShutdownNamed++;
271:  } elsif ( $ThisLine =~ /named shutdown failed/ ) {
272:      $ShutdownNamedFail++;

409:if ( ( $Detail >= 5 ) and ($ShutdownNamed) ) {
410:  print "Named shutdown: $ShutdownNamed Time(s)\n";

413:if ( ( $Detail >= 5 ) and ($ShutdownNamedFail) ) {
414:  print "Named shutdown failed: $ShutdownNamedFail Time(s)\n";

It can't explain what isn't logged (as in -d debug level).

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