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sxh284 09-24-2003 10:39 AM

Linux server and Windows client permissions
I have a Linux Server (RH9) and have my windows 2000 PC logging into the linux domain.

How do I change the permissions for a user to give them access to change IP settings or the time. Currently my windows 2000 PC when logged into the linux domain wont let me change IP settings.

zatriz 09-24-2003 03:08 PM

where do you want to change the settings on the client win2k or the server linux

sxh284 09-24-2003 09:25 PM

on the client (windows 2000 PC)

kr3sn4 09-24-2003 09:54 PM

try to using admin account wich has already register on linux domain
to configure ip

KevinJ 09-24-2003 10:37 PM

try this in smb.conf:

"domain admin users = root"

then login to your windows client (on the domain) as root.


sxh284 09-24-2003 11:41 PM

thanks KevinJ

it worked but it the command line was "domain admin group = root" instead of "domain admin users", at least with smb 2.27

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