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adamantium 01-14-2004 10:31 AM

Linux Router /w 2 DSL Connections
Hello all who read this,

I am wondering what would be the best way to set up a router when I have 2 dsl internet connections.
I have been given 2 static public IP addresses. Each are capable of 1.5 mbps down and 128K up. I am wanting to use both of them through the same router.
I also need to feed each seperate source of bandwidth to two seperate private LANs.
So in a sense it would be two routers (NAT boxes actually) in the same box, each providing for their own seperate network.

Thanks for taking the time,

peter_robb 01-14-2004 02:20 PM

Start with the Advanced Routing HOWTO Chapters 3 & 4..

There are links to traffic shaping if you think that's necessary...

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