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fuzz141 09-11-2002 10:49 PM

Linux Print Server in Windows Domain
I'm going a little batty with this one, but I'm new to Linux, so I thought I'd ask everyone here if they have an answer.

I have just set up a Linux machine to act as a print server in a windows domain. I have installed the JetDirect HP printers on the Linux box, and can print from the Linux box and from the Windows machines.

My problem is that from the windoze machines, the print queue won't auto refresh as it did when the server was on a windoze box. It will refresh if I F5 on the windoze machines, but it won't auto refresh the queue. How do I do this? Is it even possible, or is it as an AS400 machine that just won't auto refresh.

Thanks in advance to any help that can be provided.

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