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Vince0000 12-16-2003 09:30 PM

Linux PDC - How Do I give the Samba User Local Admin Rights on XP machine?
Hi everyone...

I have a strange situation...

I have a working PDC handling the logons etc and executing the logon scripts everything is working good there.
On the Local XP machine though I went to the local administrator account and logged in, and added the SAMBA user let's say (BOB) to the Local Administrator group and then rebooted.

When I log in to the Linux PDC as Bob on the domain it starts up but I don't have Administrator privilages on the local machine so I have some software that requires that and it starts to compain etc...
We have a current setup at work like this with NT server and it works alright so i'm trying to duplicate it, is linux different in adding the Linux User to the Local Admin account in some way?

This is for Admin rights on the XP machine only not to be confused with directory rights on the linux PDC shares etc.

Thanks for your help!

miaviator278 12-16-2003 10:42 PM

sounds like it's on the windows side. always test the obvious, when you log in as the new samba account from the win box do you have administrator privilages?...

Linux 101 "man man"

Vince0000 12-17-2003 07:47 AM

No I don't have Admin rights on the Windows XP box... That's the part I'm having trouble with.

These are the steps I did :

1. Setup the Machine name on the Linux PDC - Lets call it machine$
2. also added the machine name to the smbpasswd samba program
3. Setup the new user - Let's call it Bob
4. Added the new user to the smbpasswd program
5. on the LOCAL Windows XP box I went to Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Local Users and Groups, then Groups, and then Administrators... Opened that up and added \\Linux\bob and it was added ok without any trouble, (I had to use the Root and password to access the domain to add him so it talked to the PDC correctly etc.
6. Logged off the Local Administrator account
7. Logged back into the Domain with the following info :
User : Bob
Password : XXXX
Domain : Linux
8. Login and everything worked great, it executed the Login Script, Mapped Network drives etc etc
9. But the user doesn't have ADMIN rights like I would have expected. And have setup on a work system using XP and Windows NT. Should the user have admin rights just like on a windows domain in the same fasion? I wonder if any of my Local Group Policeys are balled up or something?


miaviator278 12-17-2003 10:26 PM

this is a linux help forum, so if there are any quams about posting win to lin help someone please let me know...

use computer managment, in administrative tools, or windoekey+r compmgmt.msc > computer management local > users and groups > users > the username in question Bob > and check the groups tab to be sure the user is supposed to be administrator.. otherwise, if your allowed to this see if your companies helpdesk (if they have one) has competent IT people to check it out.. (not likely)..

keep posting...

digimike 12-18-2003 02:54 AM

Add a Admin User
Go to controll pannel, user accounts and click add. Enter the user name like BOB und the domain of the Samba server.
Next, click on others to make him a member of local admin group,
Thats it

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