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rootyourbrain 02-06-2013 08:24 PM

Linux Experts: Please Help
Hello. I have an interesting job that needs to be done. I've Googled but perhaps my choice of search terms are incorrect. I'm curious if there is anyone that can provide an example of how this should be done...

Multiple computers and multiple users. Everyone uses Linux. Let's classify groups now: Agents and Leads.

Agents and Leads have different permissions for different directories.

The directories are a Windows Share from a remote server.. we'll say its location is //

They are able to smb the directory and access the files by entering their credentials, and we can even bookmark as a 'Place'.

Is it possible to have this mounted at boot, (after networking has begun by implementing autofs and fstab?

There are a few terms I've used in my search for this: autofs, permanent and persistent mounts. All of these turn up really useful information, but I don't understand the examples because they don't directly apply to a multiple user basis.

GOAL: I want for the groups (agent/lead) to use their LOGIN credentials at startup to automatically mount the directory/share.

1. Some say it may be done through a script (bash/python).
2. I wonder if we can specify folder access based on UID..
a) Our agents' and leads' UIDs are in the 60,000 range.
b) Admin is 1000 and root is 0.
3. An additional note: We use Active Directory which provisions the initial folder access.
NOTE: I just found out about LDAP as an alternative to Active Directory. Is this a viable solution?
Thank you for your support! I will most certainly be using LDAP as the replacement.

frankbell 02-06-2013 08:33 PM

LDAP would indeed worth researching. I haven't used it, but I have read quite a bit about it.

This article at The Linux Documentation Project might be a good place to start, though it's a bit dated:

freelinuxtutorials 02-06-2013 10:18 PM

this can be done via winbind mapping of Windows' SID to Unix UID, this is assuming you have all windows clients. So it's worth to search for keywords samba active directory ldap kerberos winbind pam NSS
There's a lot of options, but it still depends on what you want. The most straight forward is use LDAP to serve as your AD compatible DC for your windows clients, esp. with the recent release of Samba 4.0. Then it comes to the question, who will decide you or your boss :)

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