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whitshade 06-17-2004 03:30 PM

linux dialup faster and more stable than windows dialup -why?

I have a question that has slowly been driving me nuts. Can someone tell me specifically why my Linux computer connects to my ISPs server faster and with a more stable connection than the Windoze computer next to it? Both computers use dialup with 56k modems, but the Windoze machine takes longer to connect and gets bumped off the server on a regular basis. My Linux box connects faster and stays connected. I have my theories. It makes sense that two computers running similar OSes would communicate more readily than two that don't. Micro$oft can't build a decent OS, so how could they make a dial-up program that works any better (when Windoze sits there after dialing out and says it's trying to establish a connection, it's like watching paint dry)? I don't think it's because my $40 USR modem is a superior product than the $10 Winmodem, which it is, but that might help. Needless to say, networking isn't one of my strong points, or I'd probably know the answer. I plan on remedying that when I have more time. For now, could someone please shed some light on this? It's by no means an emergency, but this unanswered question is driving me nuts.

Thanks for your time.



PS Does anyone know where I can get a copy of that hideous Windoze logo that I can use as my Trash icon in GNOME or KDE? (hahaha)

Mara 06-17-2004 04:52 PM

It's probably because of drivers and probably because of the difference between hardware and software modem. Don't know how poweful are the machines, but software modem requires much more processing than the hardware one - so the connection (and everything) is slower. It may be one of the reasons. It may also be that there's a difference in hardware quality (possible with such price difference). What more? Driver quality may matter, too. It's incomparable as there are two completely different OSes and two different modems.

whitshade 06-17-2004 05:23 PM

Thanks for the info, Mara. It makes sense that a software modem would be more of a resource hog.

FYI: Computer 1: 850 Athlon with 160 MB RAM running Win98SE

Computer 2: 900 Celeron with 128 MB RAM running RH 8.0

Thanks again.


registering 06-17-2004 05:47 PM

Dang, I have just the opposite problem. :) If I boot into Windows XP Pro my internet connection is fast and never gets dropped, but booting into Linux it tends to get dropped every hour or so (RH 7.3, MDK 9.1 and MDK 10.0). Oh well. Same HW.

Mara 06-19-2004 04:52 PM

registering, i your case it's probably also difference in drivers.

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