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dave308 12-05-2001 09:21 AM

linux and dos
heres an easy one (i hope)
ive had linux and win98 networked and running wonderfully for a fair while, now i've really seen the light and want to get rid of windows altogether. can anyone tell me how to get a dos-only machine (previously the win98 machine) to be able to read a file-system on my linux box ??? i know with windoze we have microsoft networking to take care of it but i'm not sure how to pull it off with dos-only ... oh, and security is not an issue if that makes it easier ...

thanks in advance

unSpawn 12-05-2001 10:35 AM

In essence it breaks down into 3 sections: you need a "packet driver" to handle hardware, a TCP-stack to handle connections, and apps to pass the connection to (http,ftp,telnet,nfs).

Have a look here for some explanation.

bimble 12-07-2001 10:10 AM

ded easy:

I assume you're already using samba on the linux box to share files/printers.

Get MS-CLIENT (v3.0 i think) from, in the NT server xtras bit i think. It comes as 2 .exe's (imaginatively DSK1-2.exe & DSK2-2.exe) about 1.2MB each, can be extracted into the same directory eg c:\net

what this provides is the same command-line network functions as ms-client in windoze eg. net use|view etc.

NOTE: MS-CLIENT is VERY memory hungry. Using the full redirector will reduce base memory to < 400k - crap for running any other applications!!!

Alternatively, why not try a small linux distro, such as pygmy (i use it) that sits on the UMSDOS file system so appears to dos to be just another directory & vice versa

dave308 12-07-2001 11:10 PM

thanks for the replies,
i managed to get m$ client up and running, you were right , piece of pi*$ (pie). now i need a better dos telnet client ...



DavidPhillips 12-09-2001 08:05 AM

Windows 3.1 seems to be making a come back.

There is a lot of networking and internet stuff available now.

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