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sirmonkey 03-03-2006 05:46 PM

LDAP howto? simple setup up? linux logon?
ok i've spent more than enought time reading hows and doc and i've gotten allmost no where (i did get the server to start but when i fun those migration scripts they can't add " Importing into LDAP...
adding new entry "ou=Hosts,dc=locald"
ldap_add: No such object (32)
" don't ask me why it is a fresh install, given i am using mandrake/mandriva or as my friend says, "the windows of linux"....
so here is what i am trying to do...
make my pcs logon to one server so that user bob on one computer is the same as bob on another... how is this done with LDAP?
and i mean everything each command... all that i have read say run that migration script. and it can't add stuff my guess is i need some starter database and the mandrake/mandriva packages don't have one

so dose any one have any ideas? or knows of a simple non-greek how to on actully getting a LDAP configured and accepting logons as well as setting up the linux pcs to logon to a ldap server?

paul_mat 04-07-2006 10:00 AM

i have a fair bit of information on LDAP on my website listed below, check it out if you want. - Setup OpenLDAP - LDAP linux client with OpenLDAP server

you might want to look at setting up a web based LDAP interface like phpladpadmin or LAM.

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