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adrielus 12-21-2003 07:50 PM

Large file transfer hang
Okay, I did my best to find a thread that had some info about this issue, but none to be found. My issue is as follows:

Server lockup (as in complete freeze, even VConsole changing doesn't cope) during large file transfer via nfs or samba. Logs don't reveal anything most likely due to the nature of the hang, no kernel panic at all. Server specs are as follows:

Dual P3 866, Supermicro P3TDE6-G Motherboard


Mylex Xtreme RAID 2000
GIG Intel card (not in use at this time, using onboard Intel 10/100)
Nvidia Vanta

OS is Suse 9 Pro, but experienced the same issue w/ Red Hat Current, FreeBSD and Gentoo (although Gentoo was the least stable with reason, :) ).

I can provide additional details if needed.

I am at wits end, all the hardware checks out and the system is stable when not in file transfer. The odd thing is Win2000 server does not experience this issue but I cannot have piece of mind running this beautiful machine in this fashion. Unix in some form or another.

Furthermore, I have read that the Mylex card is a less-than-desirable card, is the DAC960 support weak in Linux? If so, why do the lockups occur during network file transfer and not during local FS transfer?

If anyone can provide any advise or speculation, even criticism, it is all welcome. Thank you in advanced.

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