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MAB 09-14-2010 08:46 AM

LAN Configuration on Dell D400 with Suse11.0
I have Dell D400 Laptop with Open SUSE 11.0 installed on it. I have to configure LAN through UTP cable with my WiMax Device. Is there anybody who could guide me through this configuration?

Drakeo 09-14-2010 11:14 AM

First of all read this it was put in the 2.6.29 SUSE 11.0 comes stock with the 2.6.26 kernel.
Now after you know all the drivers and firmware is up and working.
you will use a ADSL

Go to Yast>Network Devices>DSL

Setup your network interface to use network manager and allow control for non root user using kinternet, once u click on kinternet then there should be a image like a lightning bolt over there showing its connecting and once connected the 2 plugs should combine. Go to Yast>Network Devices>DSL

MAB 09-27-2010 11:17 PM

Thank you Drakeo for your guidance.

But the link you suggested (2.6.29) did not work. It seems to be for I2400 WiFi Card where as in Dell 400 I have I2200 WiFi Card.

While the Linux is booting it is shown that IPW2200 is loaded! Does that mean the WiFi Card of Dell 400 is operative but due to some other mismatch of configuration it is not functional?

DSL also did not apply.

However, setting up network interface to use network manager worked. By checking this my LAN is up through UTP cable. Now it is working on 100 Mbps. This is great.

Where as I am still trying to connect through Wireless.

Thank you.


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