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R N Ghosh 01-13-2006 03:12 AM

LAN/ADSL Router ping working but DNS ping fails
my pc had two os; one xp and another mandrake 9.2. the pc had two nics. one connected to ADSL router (broadband) and another to lan through a 8 port switch. rest of the pcs on lan connected to the internet through my pc (under xp). now due to some problem, one nic has been removed and the xp part is not properly working. however, the mandrake part is working fine only excepting the internet working. the lan is working and ping is fine with all machines and other machines are also getting response on ping from my pc. the router ip address is also responding on ping. but when I try to ping the DNS nos. it responds with "network unreachable" althogh the dns nos. are showing in the network and internet configuration wizard. I am confused. please help me out.


goestin 01-13-2006 07:44 AM


Can you please give more information about your IP setup? because now i am confused about how your network is set up :)


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