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musasabi 07-19-2004 11:44 PM

KPPP refuses to connect
i am currently under windows using the isp that refuses to connect under linux. ive got a usr 56k hardware modem, so i dont think the problem is there.

the modem dials out, does its network negotiation (makes all the noises we have all heard too many times), and when it goes to log me in, it just sits there and eventually times out. when it times out, the modem hangs up and the pppd dies.

and like i said, it works under windows just peachily. and yes, my username and passwd are correct. :P im certain if they werent id get an error messege, yeah? oh and the connection uses pap authentication, and thats what kppp was set to (first pap/chap and when that didnt work, straight pap).

so... yeah. any help would be greatly appreciated.

WMD 07-20-2004 12:31 AM

Ok...what COM port is the modem running on? (Like /dev/ttyS0 = COM1.) And what type of mouse do you have? (That may sound weird, but I had a problem between these two once that resulted in the issue you're having.)

RolledOat 07-20-2004 12:35 AM

Which distro btw? See if you can connect using root to dialup. I know with Redhat 8.0, you had to be root to be able to successfully start pppd, otherwise it would timeout.


dalek 07-20-2004 01:05 AM

Just a thought here, does your ISP require some special dialer program? I ask because AOL and some others are difficult to get to work with Linux. I would hate to see you bang your head against the wall when the problem is not you but the ISP you have.

Just a thought. If you know your ISP doesn't care, disregard. It may help to ask if they support DOS connections. It would be very likely to work with Linux.

Hope this helps. I'm going to play with NFS for a while. :D

:D :D :D :D

whansard 07-20-2004 01:44 AM

some isp's send different sets of characters before expecting the username or password. kppp may not be expecting the right ones. try ppp-go, and wvdial.

musasabi 07-20-2004 11:14 AM

#ifconfig eht0 down

that fixes it.


slackware 10

the isp im using is my local college, nothing special needed.

so, erm... why is my ethernet blocking my modems connection attempts?

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