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msisto 08-12-2003 02:40 PM

kppp connection to Freeserve on Mandrake problems
Hi, I am using Mandrake 9.1 and a Zoom external modem, and Freeserve as an ISP. I have successfully connected to Freeserve, but the web pages are extremely slow to load, often not loading at all. The little box in the taskbar which shows the modem status keeps changing from red-green, mostly on green. I am assuming there is something wrong with my set up, because when I connect on Windows this is not a problem. I am new to Linux. Any suggestions as to what the problem is are much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

esteeven 08-12-2003 03:11 PM

In your shoes I would set up an account with another provider and then connect using that account. If the problem is still there - it's a local problem. If it goes away, it's a freeserve problem. But...the second provider might be slow aswell. Try three or four. I presume you are UK based - I used to use Freeserve and its performance was no better than average. I tried an AOL connection on a family Windows box in London the other day and was APPALLED at the slow speeds! APPALLED!

Also, has your modem been detected and configured correctly?

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