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kofrad 09-09-2004 07:57 PM

ISP Blocking port 25, how can I get around?
I am trying to set up a working mailserver on my computer and am having some ISP issues. It seems that I can only send mail to my computer because my ISP is blocking port 25. I have an IP redirect set up on and saw they have a service that will let you get around an ISP blocking port 25 by means of them recieving the mail on port 25 and routing it to my machine on a different port, that isnt blocked. Problem is, you need to pay for the service, which I would rather not do. What I'm asking here, is does anybody know a way I can do this myself, which I would rather do, or a service like what is offered on but for free. Another question, I dont need to download another program to recieve mail do I?

hunter44102 09-10-2004 03:26 PM

Email is send through port 25, so if your port 25 is blocked, you cannot receive email.

So NO-IP will re-direct it to you through another port (9925).

To do this yourself, you would need a machine thats on a network (that does NOT block 25) to re-direct it to your blocked network.. but if you had the other network, you wouldn't need the re-direct.

Not sure why nobody offers free service for this.. I had to buy the NO-IP service...

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