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nhammoud 01-27-2011 02:24 AM

Is it possible to create a virtual LAN on my machine using virtual box or MS virtula

I am writing the below question not focusing on how to build a virtual LAN, rather than I need to create a machine (Ubunto server) operating as a ROUTER.

So, my target is to build a ROUTER and to experience the step by step process of creating a Machine serving as a ROUTER.

Firstly, I installed two Linux OS machines(ubunto server and desktop) on virtual box.

But I had some problems and I want to solve it, namely:

1- Is it possible to accomplish such approach by the above solution or No?

2- What type of network adapter I should choose for both machines? Is it NAT, Bridge or ???

3- How to connect to my host? Here I do need the ROUTER machine(server) route to my machine to access the internet.

Note: My local machine using windows seven under The following IP:


The new virtual LAN, I want it to be:


jefro 01-27-2011 03:49 PM

Is is possible to install two machines on virtualbox? Yes, however you may need to understand one thing. Local, nat and bridged are the basic ways that VM's can use virtual networking. Also be sure you understand how VM's support dhcp by use of a virtual router in the vm.

You may be using a term wrong. Virtual lan is not exactly the same as virtual networking in a vm.

Which way? I'd tend to use local for tests. Why even connect to host? You can run all diags and tests between almost any number of clients.

If you want to use the host then it may be better to select bridged if you have a private IP lan in your hosts system. Any time you use nat ( and I almost always use nat) the VM's may offer some tricky thinking as they would not be on the same subnet as your lan.

I feel sure that anyone here may offer as good or better answers to how they would do it. Consider the many web pages on this topic for reference as well as the VM's documentation.

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