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thewonka 03-24-2005 07:58 PM

IPTables and PPTPD :S (to block or not to block)
I all ^_^

I have stumbled on to a not to bad snag...

i have added pptpd support to my router, it works fine except that i have to add many lines to allow access to the new PPP connection in iptables.

I want to allow access to any PPP connection (PPP+) that is not PPP0 (since its my external inteface), PPP+ wont work since it will include PPP0 :S....

I know i can order the rules in such a way that it will check bail if the interface is PPP0 and then i may add the accept PPP+ rule... (confused yet??)

So my question here today is: Is there a away to make a simple IPTABLES rule that can accept all PPP connection except PPP0... something like


is there such a syntax available to IPTABLES?

I cant seem to find something to suite my needs...

Cheers mates ^_^

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