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anwar_lpk 06-24-2003 11:48 PM

iptables and I-net Conn. sharing problems
Dear all of experts,
i experienced a problem during saving my work after configuring the ip tables, or internet connection sharing, see, i've installed redhat 9 shrike onto my system and i setted it up as a server at my office, and i want it to be my default gateway to the internet. here is the problem, after i've configured the iptables rules on the terminal then i try to configure also my clients, its run well, even faster than ever, but when i shut down my linux system and restart it again ishy did i have toreconfigure my server again? its slow down my work ofcourse, cause its doesnt save automatically. i've tryied to sve it using iptables-save, and restore, but still i experience that. help me please!

Robert0380 06-25-2003 03:08 AM

put the iptalbes rules in a file called and start the file like so:


...rules here...

then put this line in /etc/rc.local

sh /path/to/

make sure you put the path to the file

wow, this got 10 hits before it got a reply.
rc.local gets run last during reboot, but it works

anwar_lpk 06-25-2003 01:26 PM

well, thanks for replying, but see, i dont know what you mean with [code] here, what code i should fill in? sorry, iam very newbie in linux Robert. i'll be so thankful if you make detailed on it, will ya? please...

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