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dalraidia 12-13-2002 09:29 AM

IP assignment - permanent?
I have three machines (two RH8.0 and one XP) on a home network. Using ifconfig I got the IP number for each system, and am using these for host files. The question: Once these IP numbers are assigned (, for example) are they then permanent? The reason for asking is that one of them changed (from to However, I think that it only changed after I did a re-install of RH8.0 on that system - not sure, because I did several installs.

And how are these numbers assigned? Is there a pattern to the assignation? Is there a document that explains this stuff?

Newbie John

trickykid 12-13-2002 10:55 AM

Most likely on your home network you've got DHCP setup I presume behind some sort of router that is assigning these IP's. With a DHCP the IP can change when its released or renewed. Most likely if your behind some sort of router you could assign static IP's so they won't change for each machine.

I would suggest first read the documentation of the router if your using one. Second perform a search on DHCP and Static IP.

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