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Electrolyte 06-14-2005 12:48 PM

Internet connection drops randomly on Kubuntu 5.04
Hi all, I decided to give Kubuntu a try since getting my new sound card (Audigy 2 ZS) made Suse 9.1 Personal impossible to use, but this problem has been bugging me a lot since I installed Kubuntu.

First of all, I'm on a 2MB Cable internet connection with 2 computers connected to a 10/100mb 4-port router, the one system running Windows 2000 Server and this Kubuntu, and Windows XP Pro.

When Kubuntu starts up, the connection is on and works fine. I can browse web pages, connect to MSN via GAIM and connect to IRC servers with X-Chat but then, at a total random time, GAIM will report it has been disconnected from the MSN network, X-Chat will report a disconnect error of "connection reset by peer" on ALL IRC servers, and any transfers I have going on Konqueror will cut-out - all at the same time. After they get disconnected, they usually reconnect straight away (X-Chat usually has a few problems with nicknames though, as it can take time for the name to time out) and then the problem will happen again at a random time.

When I get this problem restarting my router stops it, so everything stays connected without any disconnection problems, but restarting my router everytime I start Kubuntu up is rather annoying :(

I use Windows XP Pro for my games, and Kubuntu for anything else possible, so Kubuntu is the most used (once I get this problem sorted, that is).

I do not get this problem with the system running Windows 2000 Server, and the router has a DHCP server which is enabled, so it sets the IPs to all systems automatically.

I also do not get this problem when I start up this system in Windows XP Pro.


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