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soulsniper 07-12-2003 08:44 AM

Internet Conection Sharing
I have used the search feature but found no posts that are the same situation as mine (at least i dont think they are)

I currently have a computer dual-booting Win2k and RH9. In september i intend to build another machine, relatively low-spec with no monitor/keyboard or mouse to be used as a server.

What I want to achieve is this:

Have the server left on 24/7 in my attic, connected to the internet via broadband using my USB modem (which works fine in RH9)
I then want to create a small network to my other machine which runs Win2K, I want this computer to be able to connect to the server and connect to the internet via that server.

1. What do I need to easily connect them, will 2x10/100 LAN cards and some cable be ok??
2. Will I need a router?
3. What do I have to share the internet?

To administer the server I will have SSH and FTP servers setup for me to connect to and administer that way.

Another small question, is there anyway for me to graphically login to the server and use it with a GUI or is SSH the only way?

Sorry for being such an idiot. I'm quite good with linux really, I just don't know a thing about networks.

merlin371 07-12-2003 08:51 AM

now w cards and a cable will be fine but you'll need a crossover cable otherwise it won't work when i was sharing internet connection within winXP and win2003 server i had the DNS set up on win2003 and then i changed the settings on the lan connection for the primary DNS to be my win2003 pc and it worked in that case you don't need a router if you get a router like the us robtics 9003 you have two network ports on the back and the pppoe (if your using it) configuration is inside the modem/router itsels you won't have to set anything else up

david_ross 07-12-2003 08:53 AM

There are pelnty of posts like this.

1) Yes (cable should be crossover not straight)
2) The box in your attic will be the router
3) There is plenty of info on this site:
a) enable ip forwarding
b) create iptables/ipchains rules to forward data
c) set the gateway on the client machine to being ip of the otehr box

Things to consider:
1) Max lenth of a USB cable is 5M - can you get the cabling to where you want in the attic?
2) You can see a gui from the other computer on your PC if you want but I would tend to use ssh as most o the config you are likely to do is on the CLI anyway.

I think that answers everything but let me know if not.

enigmasoldier 07-12-2003 10:03 AM

Check out smoothwall , I have heard many stories of it saving people who need a firewall up FAST. You can't get X running on it, but you don't need X! It runs webmin a webbased administration program. All you have to do is open up a web browser and administer away! If you still want to learn how to be a guru, ssh and ftp are still available.

soulsniper 07-12-2003 10:40 AM

Ok, thanks for the help all.

I can get plenty of cable to my attic from my bedroom.
I already knew I needed crossover cable but thx anyway.

Ok there's plenty of info about net connection sharing but I cannot find any particular information on sharing the net from Linux to Win2K.

How do I enable IP Forwarding, and setup IPTables and IPChains?

Sorry for being stupid.

david_ross 07-12-2003 10:47 AM

There is plenty of info about. The ony change you need to make on 2k is to chage it's gateway and possibly DNS settings. Take a look at:

Robert0380 07-12-2003 10:59 AM

basically..i was gonna say what Guru david_ross said...but mozilla just crapped out on i'll just add to what he said:

Linux doesnt care what OS is connecting to it as long as it "speaks" the netowrking protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, DHCP).

The setup is the same for Linux when connection to any windows OS (or simply...any OS).

So if you did a search and saw similar posts, you could have followed the same intructions. If you found one on Win XP, you could follow it exactly the same on both machines because setting up network connectivity on win2K is the exact same as setting it up on winXP.

if this came off as sounding mean, please know that i'm not trying to be mean...just wanted to let you know incase you didnt already.

to enable iptables, it has to be done when u compile the kernel ( most likey this was already done for you)

as root try: /sbin/iptables -L

if you get some output, it works. you'll want to make a
script file (a lot of people use rc.firewall, i just use and run the script file from rc.local (this
will read in your rules when u boot up, that way if the
power flickers and you arent around, you dont have to go
back and manually put in your firewall rules again.

there are several examples of firewall rules that do nating,
port (kiddin). do a search
on "iptables" "masquerade" "port forwarding" "NAT" "nating"
and "iptables firewall"

a lot will overlap but that should give u great coverage. you'll find everything u need if u search for all of those seperately ( i think ).

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