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mystic crunk 06-30-2004 05:16 PM

Installing RealVNC on a dedicated server
Hi all,
I am a newbie to running a server and really need some help installing RealVNC on there so I can manage it easier. I am also a newbie to linux so ssh is just to confusing right now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dan Crunk

deloptes 06-30-2004 08:46 PM

spent more time reading and testing

I am using vnc with ssh tunnel like this

1) I'll call
my system - sys1
the firewall - fw1
the destination machine where vncserver runs in this example it is linux machine - ma1
login name - USERNAME
local port to connect to the vnc server - XXXX
the ssh port 22 is default hense the option -p22 is obsolate


login from sys1 to fw1 and forward vnc ports from ma1 to sys1


sys1# ssh -L XXXX:ma1:5901 -p22 USERNAME@fw1
login to ma1


fw1# ssh  -p22 USERNAME@ma1
there i start up a server like this because it's linux machine
on windows the server whould be running

:1 means display 1 if it is not free use :2 or what ever you want
it's better to check out the ports, case if somebody else is running a vncserver before you started yours 5901 is very likely buzy so you should start up the vncserver see what port are now open and forward them instead 5901

[CODEma1# vncserver :1[/CODE]

after a few seconds it says there is a new X on display 1

so now a open another terminal and write there

xvncviewer localhost:XXXX

that's it
it wouldn't be fun if it was easier

in the last step I usually add some other options depending on speed and load on the server so that the refresh rate of the graphics is not that slow

the advantage is the everything is encrypted and the right linux way


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