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ssu4716 12-14-2001 10:49 PM

Initialization file for daemons
What file is used in Redhat 7.1 to tell the
computer to start services like sendmail,
telnetd, etc. when the machine is booted? I
would like to disable sendmail since I'm not
using it.



DavidPhillips 12-16-2001 12:56 PM

You should not remove it!!!
other processes like syslogd may be using it.

but if you want to see what happens here goes...

run setup as root

select System services

remove the tag from sendmail and exit

the other way is tksysv if you have it, they are phasing it out of redhat

setup is the easiest way

ssu4716 12-16-2001 04:58 PM

I did a 'chkconfig sendmail off' as root. After
a reboot I can see that sendmail is not running.
Looks like that command has taken care of it. So
far I don't see any problem with sendmail not

Scotty2435 12-16-2001 08:55 PM

to start telnet on red hat 7.1 go to /etc/xinetd (might be xinetd.d can't remember) and you'll see something named telnetd open it change disable from yes to no. THen go to terminal and run services xinetd restart

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