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matrixcubed 05-26-2007 09:30 AM

HTTP Server Response Problems ... Web vs. LAN
Hi all,

Before I added a wireless router (D-Link WBR-1310) to my network, my home LAN setup was configured as such:

(internet) <--> DSL modem <--> Ubuntu 6.04 webserver/gateway/router <--> LAN PCs

After the addition of the wireless router, I removed the Ubuntu server's routing capabilities, and added port-forwarding in the router to the webserver's IP address. The network is currently configured as such:

(internet) <--> DSL modem <--> wireless router ---> LAN PCs and Ubuntu 6.04 webserver

The problem that arose since this change, is that LAN PCs can no longer access the webserver by registered domain name or ISP-assigned IP address (, only by the webserver's LAN IP address. I have multiple domains hosted off the webserver, and accessing any of them from a LAN PC results in a timeout error in the web client browser.

After some digging around, I installed WireShark on the webserver, and captured packet data coming from a LAN PC. The first image below is a 'success' hit on the webserver's IP address. The second image is a 'failure' timeout on one of the registered domain names/ISP-assigned IP address.


My iptables ruleset isn't actively blocking syn/ack/rst flags in packets, so I am unsure what I can do to resolve this problem. I guess I should note too that if I accept all incoming traffic in iptables, the problems listed above are not resolved.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

hob 05-27-2007 12:39 PM

Remember that 66. and 10. means that the computers are on separate networks, and the PCs with 10. can only connect to a system with a 66. address if their router does the right thing with the packets. It probably doesn't have a specific route for that address ATM, so uses the DSL modem (which will be the default), rather than passing them to the interface that your server uses (which is what you want).

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