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asadhussain 10-14-2003 07:19 PM

how to use vnc to launch gnome desktop

Thanks to this board, I figured out how to VNC from my windows computer into my linux box and vice versa. But, when I load it up, its more like a command prompt interface. I had two questions in that case

i) How do i launch my GNOME desktop from this command prompt??

ii) How can I make it so that the vnc server loads automatically on startup.

I'm a .NET developer interested in hosting java web services (one day) on my box.My end goal is to have this box running without a monitor, keyboard, etc so I can play and learn how to set up my own server (like i said, one day) and save the invesment on a new monitor and keyboard (and yes i've heard of KVMs) ;)

Thanks in advance.

david_ross 10-15-2003 01:24 PM

i) Change your vnc startup script to start gnome with the command "gnome-session"
ii) Try adding hte vncserver command to the end of rc.local

If you want to use it as a server why do you need gnome and VNC? Just enable ssh and ssh to the box.

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