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ronald_fancher 10-15-2002 02:02 PM

How to set up domain
I am trying to install Oracle 11i on my linux box and then get my Windows 2000 PC to talk to it. During the Oracle install it asks me for my machine name and domain name, such as I use a cable modem and Linksys router, and don't really understand what the domain name is supposed to be. How do I set up a domain so that the Linux box and Windows 2000 PC believe they are part of a domain called Thanks in advance for any advice.

bah 10-15-2002 08:45 PM

What does the "hostname" program say? (ie type in "hostname" in a shell and press enter).
Linux normally sets the host and domain name during boot, in the rc scripts. Most distros read the hostname from a file called "HOSTNAME" or "hostname" in the /etc directory. If you change the host name, you might need to change the /etc/hosts file as well.

Under w2k look in [Control Panel]->[System] under the "Network Identification" tab.

ronald_fancher 10-15-2002 09:03 PM

hostname says:

I need it to say:

I am on Redhat 7.3, and I don't see any of the files that you mentioned.

/etc/hosts says this:

ronald_fancher 10-15-2002 09:18 PM

for anyone reading this thread, bah was on the right track. i had to change HOSTNAME in /etc/dhcpc/ to get hostname to report thanks bah.

BiTurboMan 12-19-2003 10:41 AM

I am also installing Oracle 11i and ran into the same problems...

Here is what I did...... (if it is wrong, maybe someone can point that out)...

a) Edited the /etc/sysconfig/network file and deleted the name I gave during installation... (manual IP configuration)

b) In Xwin or Gnome (whatever u use,) Redhat>System Tools > Network,,,
b1) Goto to Hosts tab and add new entry...
b2) I added "" for IP, "" for hostname (fake domain) and "redhat" for Alias.

c) Tested it by typing Hostname at terminal:
ping redhat

Both should reply with that ip...

d) run RapidWiz and it should pickup "redhat" as the hostname and "" as the domain...

I hope that helps......

:scratch: :scratch:
I couldn't check to see if the portal at the end of the install is responding due to the fact that I have a different installer issue...

I keep getting "Unable to create file with proper privileges"...

It's file permissions issue but I gave full permissions and created oracle and applmgr accounts, a dba group, assigned etc.

Running the installer as root...

11.5.9 on Redhat 9...

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