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tlemons 09-12-2007 11:01 AM

How to set IPv6 address on IPv6 router

I'm running radvd on a SLES 9 SP 3 system, so that it can function as an IPv6 router. I need to assign a global unicast address to this system. Other systems in my lab acquire their IPv6 address from this router. But the router doesn't seem to provide itself with an address when it boots, which isn't very surprising.

So what is the best method of assigning a static IPv6 address to an IPv6 router? I didn't see anyplace in YaST to do this, nor did I find an existing script that seemed to do the trick.


raskin 09-16-2007 11:30 AM

So, what is your mode of using IPv6? Does your ISP support IPv6? Do you want this global address globally accessible? Do you have a globally accessible IPv4 address?

If you do not need global accessibility, you may just assign address at random using 'ip' or 'ifconfig', but it doesn't seem to be what you want. You can place this in init scripts to be done automatically.

If you want to get IPv6 address from provider, you either need to have something like DHCP6 or just ask it and set this address as in the first case.

If you have an external IPv4, search the web for 6to4, 'sit0' is also a good search term (I do not have external IPv4, so I haven't used any of such solutions).

As a last resort, use tunnel broker. Personally I use (,, it is a free IPv6 tunnel broker which doesn't require to enter excessive personal data (e-mail and Name/Surname, that are not claimed to be verified; and all the data you send to Internet unencrypted will pass their servers - just as with ISP's). It will give you decent speed and a small globally accessible IPv6 subnet. It will go through most NAT's, though I need sometimes to help the keep-alive process by pinging (double NAT, though..).

tlemons 09-17-2007 09:55 AM


Thanks for the reply. I want to manually set an IPv6 address that I've been assigned on a system in our engineering lab. I know that I can use 'ip' or 'ifconfig'. But, in what init script is the best placed? I want to put it in 'the obvious place', but I don't know what that is on SLES 9.


raskin 09-17-2007 02:25 PM

Well, I would say 'wrong forum'.. General ideas (applicable to any SysV init):
1) look for 'network*' in init.d . There is probably something like that. It is usually an acceptable place.
2) Try rc.local maybe.
3) Try creating your own script in init.d
4) Check if your existing networking script accepts IPv6 addresses in, say, /etc/*/*if*up* or something like that (/etc/sysconfig/network maybe..).

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