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chuddy117 08-30-2004 09:30 PM

How to run Dyn. DNS on a static IP for a box on a dynamic IP
I am a newbie to Linux but so far am loving it. I googled this question like crazy but all i found was information on outsourcing dyn dns to someone else. I'd rather get this setup myself. Anyway, i'm running Gentoo on an xbox behind a home dsl line with a dynamic IP. I have another xbox (running gentoo) at another location behind a static ip that takes care of my DNS (named). My question is, can't I setup the static xbox to take care of dynamic dns for the xbox behind the dynamic ip? Any links to info/programs would be GREAT. And sorry if this has been posted before or is obvious. If so, please just tell me and i'll keep hunting. Thanks.

Edit: i'm running the dynamic xbox behind a cisco 678 with all the ports forwarded, and it works great UNTIL the ip changes.

chuddy117 08-31-2004 10:15 AM


abhijeetudas 10-04-2004 08:10 AM


Well what you can do is run a dynamic dns client on your home box
so when ever your Home IP changes that change is propagated.
Many ppl give this free of charge .. like

but if u want the change to be propagated
to you other static IP box
then you have to run a Dynamic DNS server [ check out ddt [dynamic dns tools ] on source]
and you will have to set this on the Box that has static IP
and configure your home Dynamic DNS client to propagate
changes of your IP
to the other machine [ static IP}

hope this Helps..

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