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drdroid 12-10-2003 07:15 PM

How to make an FTP server?
A'right, well, I scrounged together what I could for a pc, and got an ethernet card with some ethernet cable so I could learn about linux networking and linux network programming. The server as of now doesn't have a cdrom so I can't really have large pieces of data unless I can somehow send data across network, but with the redhat 9.0 server installation, is there any software that lets me host an ftp server? I tried editing the file... fstab or something like that, but it didn't work. Any idea's, good links(i did try google)?

2damncommon 12-10-2003 09:39 PM

If you are just talking basic file transfer, "scp" works nicely. Just need sshd to be running.
Check "man scp" for details.
Basically "scp /file/to/transfer /to/here"

GraemeK 12-11-2003 05:07 AM

its easy to enable ftp on RH9

just go to /etc/init.d

and start the vstfpd deamon.

do a ./vsftpd start from there.

if you want root to be able to connect then u need to modify these two files and hash out the root user from the two files.

go to /etc and edit two files

vsftpd.users (i think)
vsftp_user_lists ( i think)


markus1982 12-11-2003 08:26 AM

Take a look at

drdroid 12-11-2003 05:48 PM

Is there anyway not to use the berkely db's to hold user info?

I'll try looking through the otherone I backed up, but if you have info I'd be glad to listen.

drdroid 12-12-2003 08:39 AM

like, is there any other way to hold the user names and passwords, without using berkely db and pam? and how would I configure the .conf to do this?

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