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linux+sawa 08-25-2007 05:35 PM

how to get minicom working through bluetooth?
linux guys! HI

I am having a problem getting minicom to work with device "/dev/rfcomm0".

I just dont know what I don't know. I connect to my bluetooth phone using the follwing command:

rfcomm connect 0 aa:dd:bb:cc:FF:GG:HH 6
(channel 6 is of Obex Push service, I dont know if that is the service for minicom)

I get connection to my "GSM" enabled phone.

I than fire up the headache (minicom) with such command:
minicom -s
i set the serial device to "/dev/rfcomm0" and save as defualt than exit minicom.
I come back with such command:

minicom -m

but I can not use AT commands to communicat with the phone.

how do I get this thing to work? please help

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