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clergykid 02-06-2007 11:33 AM

How to enable MPPE kernel

I'm trying to get PPTP working on Debian again. I recently upgraded my kernel from 2.6.7 to, and just realized that I broke PPTP.

I *think* the problem is that I didn't compile the MPPE module that I had in 2.6.7. But upon reading the pptpclient website, I noticed that starting with 2.6.15 the mppe module is already included with the kernel.

I then went back to kernel config to try and add mppe as a config option, BUT couldn't find it!!!

Now my question is whether MPPE is already built into all kernels >= 2.6.15 OR do I need to choose "M" as an option for MPPE somewhere in kernel config? I really couldn't find MPPE as an option in kernel config though, I searched .config for MPPE and didn't see anything, so I have no idea what category the MPPE option would be under.

Thanks for the help!

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