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teeno 07-16-2001 07:58 AM

How do I forward IP Adresses?

I am having big problems trying to forward all traffic coming in from an EXTERNAL IP address to an INTERANAL IP address.

I have a number of external IP addresses. I neen some of these IP addresses to be map to machine on my LAN. Is it possable? I want to be able it use NetMeeting from six computers on the LAN. The others need access to the internet. I am using IP masquerading to able internet address though one other my IP addresses.

I will be greate full of any help.

Thank you.

ascii2k 07-16-2001 08:36 AM

Well, I don't know how to map and IP to a different machine, but I think you could forward the ports you need for netmeeting to work. As for internet access, you just need to set the DNS and gateway addresses to a machine that IS connected to the internet and setup a IPCHAINS rule to forward outbound traffic. I don't know the exact command for that but you could probably check the HOW-TO's and find it. It's not too difficult.

teeno 07-16-2001 09:38 AM

I have tried to using port forwarding using this command:

while [ $port -le 65535 ]
/usr/sbin/ipmasqadm portfw -a -P tcp -L $EXTERNAL $port -R $LOCALIP $port

However, it takes too long. Is there an easier way to enable port forwarding on all these ports or the whole IP address?

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