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jysse 03-01-2009 02:31 AM

Host Interface Networking in Virtualbox not working (SOLVED)

I am not able to manage get this networking functioning. Although here is windows involved I would appreciate any help with this.

Currently I am using Windows Xp home as host and Debian Lenny as a guest.
Virtualbox version = 2.1.4
Debian is for testing purposes only and I want to achieve fully functioning network between host and guest. For example I would like to server http pages from the guest and watch them from host.

I've selected one interface for Debian guest with Attached to host interface. Selected also hosts ethernet adapter.

Debian uses ip address and host but it is not possible to ping between them. There is no firewall in niether machines.

I've read Virtualbox manual but no luck. Seems to me that I'm missing something simple...

Any suggestions what to try next ?




Problem solved. I was not paying attenttion enough for the fact that I'm using a laptop. As it is not networked network adapter seem as "media disconnected".
Solution was to add an MS Loopback Adapter which simulates a normal adapter and thrue that I was able to contact guest machine.

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