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kalikoder 01-16-2004 11:04 PM

Help with detecting and configuring network card
Hello all,

I am running a Red Hat 9 distro. My box has two network cards in it and was running fine along with networking, until I recently added an old sound blaster sound card in it. After I added the card and rebooted, Kudzu came up during boot and said there were hardware changes, it went through and asked me if I wanted to add delete or configure, I did auto configure / delete on some. Now it says to me that my eth0 and eth1 has a problem, and I have no network.

Can someone please tell me, how I can force a new hardware check at boot time, also I want to remove the configurations for eth0, eth1 and my sound card, so that Linux thinks that there are no network cards present and goes through the detect and configure sequence during boot up again.

Thanks in advance.


g-rod 01-17-2004 08:47 AM

Remove the entries for the hardware in /etc/sysconfig/hwconf.
You don't need to reboot you can run
/etc/init.d/kudzu start;

kalikoder 01-17-2004 09:14 PM

g-ROD thanks very much, that worked. For some unknown reason, in the config file there were three network cards. eth0 1 and 2, I deleted all three of them, and then rebooted, on reboot it ran kudzu and configured the network and since then I got my network back, thanks :)

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