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wwnexc 01-04-2006 10:19 PM

Hard Drive Failure

I have a little problem: the hard drive (60 GB, Toshiba) in my laptop "crashed". It no longer is able to read data, but it still makes noise. I have tried my best using an usb to ide cable and multiple computers, as well as testing the hard drive in an other laptop.

I have come to the rock-solid conclusion that i cannot repair the drive and that a professional company will have to do it for me. I believe that with 99.8% it will have to be an in-lab repair, as the problem is most likely a head crash or controller failure.

I have found that companies like ONTRACK and DRIVESAVERS normally are expensive, but reliable.
Other companies who charge you a flatrate of about 800 usd ($), i suspect could be mailbox-businesses, ripping off customers who pay the money and then they simply respond: "we couldn't recover your data, sorry!" and keep the money, and maybe even destroy the harddrive in the attempt to recover the data.

My Question

Do you know a good and cheap (affordable) company which is able to do in-lab repairs on hard drives reliably? How much do they charge? Have you ever had to have a drive repaired and data recovered? What was your experience? What can i expect?
Thank You SOOOOOO much!! Any ideas will help!

spooon 01-05-2006 12:34 AM

That's better than one of my hard drives that died; it doesn't even make a sound when plugged in :). This is off topic, but there are laptop IDE to normal IDE adapters that you can use to connect it to a desktop computer if you think the computer is the problem. Does the BIOS see it at all? If so, you might try programs like SpinRite (search for "SpinRite.iso" on the Internet). Also, some people claim that freezing the drive might help. If you find any good companies, let me know.

wwnexc 01-06-2006 09:57 AM

Anything a little more ON topic... (?)

teckk 01-07-2006 09:50 AM

You might try these.

wwnexc 01-07-2006 10:51 AM

All of these tools sound great, except they didn't work for me, since the hard drive is physically dead. I am looking for a "cheap" company that would do an in-lab recovery of the data reliably.


wwnexc 01-09-2006 10:48 PM

does anybody know of a cheap company which does data recovery (somewhat reliable, though, but still cheap...)

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