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AnRkey 10-25-2005 10:46 AM

I have just installed hamachi and it seems to be working just fine. For those wondering hamachi is a "zero config vpn like p2p networking" tool. It connects and is seen on both sides of the network. I can ping out from the linux box but not to it.

How can I add the ham0 interface or any interface for that matter as a trusted interface in my firewall setings? So as an example allow any data on interface eth0 or eth1 or ham0 going in and out.

Could some1 tell me a command to do this or file to edit. Please explain with a bit of detail as I am a noob... :)


johncm 01-16-2006 03:21 PM

From my limited experience with hamachi, I found that any pc trying to connect must also have hamachi client installed. Since you create your own password controlled network. Only clients which know your network name and password will be allowed to connect. My main purpose for using hamachi is to connect two machines by VNC both behind routers, and in different locations. Also remember after you login you must logon to your network. This is something I found by mistake.... I've only been playing with this for 2 days now. Hope this helps...

AnRkey 01-16-2006 05:37 PM

Thanks but....

Thanks for the answer but I think you misunderstand my question. I need to ad the ham0 interface to the firewall as an internal or external interface. This is so that I can set rules for it.



johncm 01-17-2006 12:36 PM

Ok! go to the hamachi web site and check out the not free version 1.--- purchase subscription.. Chek out the options maybe this will help with your quest. You can also use a temp. password to enable these options for to two hours..good luck.

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