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ganfun 08-02-2010 07:11 AM

gufw configration or firefighter with squid
i have successfully installed and running Ubuntu 10.05 LTS desktop edition

I have now now converted the machine to a squid box so that i can use it for controling the network, i use it over nating with IPtables with port 80 to be fwd to squid so that my netork traffic is managed.

But the problem is that when i install and firestater or gufw then my nating stops (Activate the firewall) and also my outlook and other ftp stops from other pc

can anyone guide me on how to setup this.

i have the following configration

eth0=lan i.e (local area network)
eth1=Internet Static Ip (DSL PPOE)
eth2=Internet Auto DHCP (Wireless internet service backup)

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