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littlewenwen 07-29-2007 10:52 PM

group password in vpnc
Dear All,

I installed "kvpnc" and "vpnc" and try to connect to our school intranet.(The school is using a Cisco VPN client). I run "kvpnc" from the terminal, after the window is open, i imported the "school.pcf" file and then try to connect. However it ask for the "group password" in addition to my personal password.

I searched google and found the following article:

However I couldn't find where is the "vpnc.conf" file.

I am not sure the above article is the right one for me for such a problem.

Does anyone have similar experience? thanks!

z-vet 07-30-2007 01:34 AM

From the article:

The only file that you need to edit to configure vpnc is /etc/vpnc.conf
Quick google for your group password issue:

And here is something that may be a solution:

dinoamino 10-30-2012 02:03 PM

Outdated and unhelpful

Kudos to LQ for their outstanding SEO. This post is #1 in Google search for the keywords you'd expect for the help needed on this topic. Too bad it's absolutely useless.

The OP got a horrible reply from z-vet. It offers nothing of value and is an example of the worst type of reply: "go ask Google" coupled with a feeble quote from the very manual the OP linked to. z-vet demonstrates his ignorance and misunderstanding: the conf file is for the app at system level. Users will have their own profile and configs.

Yes, this post is ancient. And I value LQ. That is why I finally registered here to warn LQ and other poor souls who land here that this page is NOT what you are looking for.

And hopefully z-vet has grown in maturity and sophistication: if you don't have anything helpful or informative to add then do not reply at all.

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