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alokm 04-25-2009 05:55 AM

GPRS internet sharing
I have two Desktops. Both running Fedora 9 and connected to each other with a crossover cable. I have a GPRS connection via a USB bluetooth Dongle. I can connect thru rfcomm on Kppp. Assigned static ip's and can ping from one computer to the other.
So far so good but now I want to share the internet connection between the two computers and run into a maze of gateways and DNS and iptables and am spinning around with no clues. Some of the things I do not understand are

1. What gateway does one assign when your computer directly connect to the internet through a GPRS and not through a NIC or router??
2. When I try to load the shared NFS folder, why does it say "could not load the location: internal error"?
3. Is there somewhere I could get a step-by step instruction??


alokm 05-01-2009 02:00 AM

Internet sharing solved!!
Well at last I have managed to solve one of my problems of sharing the internet. I am now writing my experience for those who might stumble upon similar problem.

1. For those who want to use static IPs on a two computer network- e.g. and, there is only one place to setup a gateway and that is on where it names as a gateway (presuming one is using as the computer to connect to the net)

2. In case one is using GPRS connection one has to configure Iptables configuration using ppp0 (instead of eth0 as given in the following link) a very good and simple example for iptables can be found here

3. last but not the least is that unless the nameservers in your /etc/resolv.conf are same as the computer which connects to the internet you will not be able to open the web pages but would be able to ping the websites

4. one more step I copied which is supposed to have NAT running at boot is in the /etc/sysctl.conf
where I changed


Thanks to the forum archives and all the linux Forums where I had posted this problem and found guidance.


PS: I also avoided Network manager as I have read a lot about it being buggy

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