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Got connected to internet - haven't a clue of what comes next
I have managed to get connected up to my ISP. Here's the commands I used:
/usr/bin/wvdialconf create

Then I edited /etc/wvdial.conf and added my ISP phone number, my username and password.

I typed /usr/bin/wvdial

The connection appeared to be underway

Now I see a bunch of messages, but nothing that is worrisome

Then I have a flashing curser.

I tried to type "ping" but got no response

Once I get the flashing curser, what do I do next?

acid_kewpie 06-21-2001 10:50 AM

Can you connect using rp3?

I had a odd situation where i could only conenct with wvdial after the connection had been dialed once by rp3. something to do with ppp i think...

chris 06-21-2001 02:51 PM

I believe that I am able to connect using both RP3 and wvdial, I will go back to Linux and confirm this.

But I am still in the dark about what to do, once I get connected. I think that, once I install Netscape, that the connection may happen. However, I would not be surprized if there is some configuration file or other exotic thing that I have to do to make netscape talk to my modem. That is what this post is all about.
1.) I think it is possible to talk to my ISP in text mode (no browser)using a set of commands. I used to do this when I first started playing with the internet. Is this true? If so, what do I do?
2.) I need a few words of instruction on how to get netscape to talk to my modem.

trickykid 06-21-2001 03:02 PM

if your in the terminal and not X, you can try using lynx, its a text based browser and you can see if you can browse using it. 06-21-2001 11:17 PM

I have managed to get wvdial configured and working, or so it seems.
And I have downloaded and installed netscape v6.01.

PPP seems to be working. Netscape seems to be working, and I can send a URL to my ISP, but that's where it stops. I get error messages from the ISP advising that I need to fix something.

I can ping 'localhost', which is my own machine. However, I cannot ping anything on the net. When I type 'ping' or 'ping', nothing happens.

I am wondering if I have left something out, like configuring TCP/IP.

Can anyone give me some input? 06-23-2001 02:44 PM

Found the answer: It is necessary to have your ISP DNS address in /etc/resolv/conf.

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